Hi Everyone!



I’m Sam and I love history. I love history so much, that I want to share it with everyone! After beginning a PhD program in Early American History, I decided that that path wasn’t the right one for me. I left academia and dove into the world of public history, by working as the Executive Director of the Whaley Historic House Museum in Flint, Michigan. It didn’t take long before I realized that even museums need help in getting the word out to the public about why they matter so much! In an age when Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), seems to be in the front of everyone’s minds, I believe it’s important to remember those human connections that have guided men and women for centuries. Learning history and learning about our heritage can teach us important lessons about our future while providing us all with tools that help us to think critically about our present place in the world.

Here on the blog you’ll find my thoughts about museums, the public history field, preservation, history in popular culture, and more! Hopefully we can share ideas and help more people see the importance of history (and overall humanities) education.

When I’m not thinking about museums, history, and the ways that we bring the past to life for our visitors, I enjoy writing, spending time with my little family, cooking, obsessing over Thomas Jefferson, and enjoying the beautiful state of Michigan!


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